Co-creating Common Wealth

Who do we help?

  • Regional development agencies with community wealth building
  • Communities initiate and scale community infrastructure & businesses
  • Landholders capture and release ecological and social value 
  • Communities transition jobs through platforms and co-ownership

Ethical Fields specialises in regional development.  We work with local government, community and business organisations to build the “doughnut” economy.



  • Cultivation of New Enterprises
  • Growth and Funding for Co-ownership


Identify and promote new enterprises

Pre-Formation work includes helping groups go through Forming, Organising, Funding and Operating.  To this end we provide:

  • Futures Workshops
  • Market Demand Testing
  • Education and Courses
  • Facilitation and Training
  • Prototyping / Proof Of Concept-ing



Co-create with stakeholders 

Consulting for us is about Co-creation.  We bring to stakeholders experience they may lack, curiosity, connections, useful insights, actionable reports and a sense of humour.  Our services include:

  • Futures and Anticipatory Design
  • Reports 
  • Enterprise Assessments
  • Economic Neighbourhood Assessments
  • Feasibility Studies


The bridge between capital and regional communities

Stakeholders with an actual stake is about aligning interests between stakeholders at several levels: cultural, business model, structural, financial and capital instrument level.  To assist assist via:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Identify and network with investors
  • Capital raising design
  • Capital structures and instrument selection
  • Deal Management

Our Clients

Our clients represent the community from where they come.  They have a genuine desire to create resilience, meaningful work and prosperity in their community.  It doesn’t matter if you’re Big or Small.  It doesn’t matter if your just starting out or a “pillar of the community”.  We can help.

The bridge between capital and regional communities

Councils are key stakeholders in the "Economic Neighbourhood" and may catalyse or retard Community Wealth Building through policy settings.

Farmers are a key stakeholder for the regeneration of ecology. We assist farmers to get a better deal through cooperation and co-ownership.

We help stakeholders get an actual stake and align the enterprise goals with the stakeholders needs

We assist on the "Founder Journey" from start to exit and with everything that comes in between.

Our Team

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