Free Initial Help

At Ethical Fields we want to see the Economy “do good” and “give stakeholders an actual stake”.  We love to work with pioneering Ecosystem Developers and brave Enterprise Developers. 

The work they do often relates and crosses over, but they frequently have different needs when they come to us.

Ecosystem Developers usually need help with mapping, gap analysis, fore-sighting, policy settings and stakeholder engagement.  This is why you need to book time with Dr Jose Ramos.

Enterprise Developers need assistance around commercial, financial and ‘hard’ skills that support their stakeholders and the Enterprise.  This is why you need to book time with Andrew Ward (Wardy)

You can book 15-minutes of our time for free here.  

PLEASE NOTE: Common sense dictates this, but it is worth stating.  If the assistance you require is more complicated and takes longer than 15-minutes to address, we may have to leave it at 15-minutes (resolved or unresolved) or bill you for additional time.

Dr Jose Ramos

Dr Jose Ramos


Ecosystem Development

  • Cosmo-localisation Expert
  • Economic Development
  • Policy
Andrew Ward (Wardy)

Andrew Ward (Wardy)


Enterprise Development

  • Business Planning
  • Commercial Consulting
  • Funding and Financial Assistance