Cooperatively investing in organic ag

We absolutely LOVE this new venture – launched at the end of March 2017 – an investment cooperative for organic agriculture!

“The Organic & Regenerative Investment Co-operative (ORICoop) aims to provide a platform for people to invest in successful organic farms and businesses across Australia.”

It’s creation has been supported by the Farming Together Program – which Ethical Fields is also involved with – and you can see their write up of the launch of ORICoop here.

If you are as inspired as us, you may want to join in and support ORICoop’s crowdfunding campaign, live now with 26 days left. They have a goal of $10k. Pile on!


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  1. Hi. I don’t have social media accounts, only this gmail one.

    I have a 40 acre organic farm in the Monga district. It has basalt, is on the escarpment above Batemans Bay.

    The Mongarlowe River flows through it, wïith a ford between the two riverflats.

    One river flat has a boundary with the Monga National Forest.

    It had cattle agisted on it until the end of last century.

    It has sheds and building permission.

    I need to sell it, but only to someone committed to organics.

    Part of the property (a further 35 acres) is a hill in the Budawangs,across the Kings Highway. I have a buyer for it.

    It is very special land. I hope you can buy it or find me a buyer.

    My phone number is
    0488 517 200
    Please let me know I have contact with you.

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