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Enclosure vs Commons: Building A New Economy for Australia Conference Day 1

Reflections on Day 1 of the Building A New Economy for Australia Conference

4 of the Ethical Fields cultivators – Cam, Paul, Dan and Wardy – gathered in Brisbane yesterday to attend the Building A New Economy for Australia conference. It’s Saturday morning now – the start of Day 2 – and there is another day tomorrow. Later today Wardy is presenting on Incubator.Coop, and tomorrow Paul is presenting on the emerging Data Coop Council.

We got to the conference after lunch yesterday – we spent the morning on our own strategy – and the afternoon had some great speakers, delegate interactions and useful insights.

Here are some of the insights we gleamed to date:

  • There is nothing ‘new’ about the ‘new economy’ – our economy is ‘new’ every day, and reflects an ongoing, messy struggle between various ideas, powerful stakeholder groups, politics, context, our environment, etc. Globally, ‘the economy’ isn’t homogeneous, though there are definitely key features common to many dominant economies
  • A key ‘struggle’ since before the industrial revolution (at least) is the ongoing Enclosure of the local and global Commons, and the resistance against it – this seems particularly poignant for Ethical Fields as it relates to data ownership in #agtetch, and is a key dynamic informing our work on the Data Coop Council in particular, and our work to disrupt traditional #agtech business models more generally
  • Cooperation is HARD, and many of us have forgotten how to do this well + part of the impact of our modernity is to dislike obligation, which is core to cooperation
  • Growth and success in an economy that works better for people and planet will involve – scaling out, multiplying, replicating, cooperating, experimenting, failing and succeeding.
  • The economy we are seeking is distributive and regenerative by design


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