Who Raised How Much?

Equity Crowd Funding is relatively new in Australia.

As detailed in my previous posts on this subject there were some winners but so many crowd funding industry losers.

This post is more of a “score card” and shows exactly who raise how much?

The data comes thanks to ESS Biz Tools Crowd Sourced Funding Equity Raising Scorecard

Summary data here


There are 15 ASIC-licensed intermediaries able to list equity crowdfunding deals.  They include:

Ag Crowd: AgCrowd listed Go Micro technology for insect and plant microscopy and raised $42,000

Big Start Capital: Listed 0 deals

Billfolda: 2 CSF offers. The first withdrawn due to a wholesale funding agreement and one fully funded in 5 days with 49 investors

Capital Labs: has 1 deal currently listed, but throughout 2019, 0 deals

Crowd 88: 2 deals – Enova Energy and a Documentary about Brabham.

CrowdFunding.com.au: 0 deals

Enable Funding: 1 deal for Australian Mortgage Marketplace

Fundsition: 0 deals

Galaxy Crowdfunding: 0 deals

Pulse Markets: 0 deals

Venture Crowd: It is hard to determine how many deals for this platform as they operate syndicated investment outside of the equity crowdfunding regime and are licensed within it too.  However, it looks like they have 0 deals via the equity crowdfunding regime and all 2019 deals were done via their other syndication services.

PledgeMe: 5 Deals including Food Connect, Ethical Dairy, Biodynamic Farming and Medical Cannibas.  This platform has a focus on “New Economy” businesses and raised >$5m in total.

OnMarket Book Builds: 8 Deals raised in aggregate $6.4m.  This platform as the name suggests helps private companies pre IPO book building capacity.

Equitise: 14 Deals raised in aggregate $10m.  This included Just under $5m for Xinja neo bank over tranche 1 and tranche 2.  This platform has a focus on technology startups with a potential to become unicorns.

Birchal: 25 Deals raised in aggregate >$16m.  This platform is related to Pozible the dominant rewards crowd funding platform.  This platform has a focus on consumer brands where rewards in addition to equity can be offered to investors.  This platform has out-performed the rest of the market significantly.

In aggregate, there were 55 deals that raised $39m in funding via equity crowdfunding since the introduction of the laws (a bit more than a year).

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