Ethical Fields is about coalescing 3 core opportunities

  1. Equitable sharing of the benefits of data. Participants in food and fibre supply chains need to own their own data, have means to control who it is shared with, and benefit from aggregation with respect to insights and commercialisation
  2. Empowering producers. 10s of millions of producers – farmers, foresters, fishers – continue to live in poverty, experience hunger and lack opportunity despite providing valuable product into local and global supply chains, while established producers in the developed world also face uncertain futures as the benefits of production accumulate further downstream in the value chain
  3. Informing consumers with insights into the provenance and sustainability of their food and fibre choices

We are constantly reviewing and integrating new trends, technologies and organisations that make up the business and information ecosystem of food and fibre supply chains.

Some elements that we believe are important include:

  • Working with nature and biology rather than against it
  • Global competitiveness driven by local resilience – the rise of collective and innovative forms of business
  • Transition towards digital agriculture and the economy of things powered by data, analytics, AI, robotics and autonomous systems
  • Increasing consumer demand for precise and timely information about products
  • Linking collaborative forms of organisation to emerging technologies to drive innovation, resilience and sustainability.