Community Leaders

Community leaders receive support and guidance from Ethical Fields

Our core services include:

  • Consultancy across futures, anticipatory design, participatory governance etc

Our resident futurists and insight practitioners are able to assist you become ‘Future Ready’.  We come with some of our own ideas but work with Community Leaders to identify important assets, decisions and strategies relevant to that community.

  • Consultancy across Consumer Behaviour, Demand Testing, Engagement and Facilitation

De-risk and understand your community by using marketing tools and applying them thoughtfully.  This data can assist you in decision making, fundraising and more.

  • Education and Courses

Ethical Fields provides courses and facilitation in many formats for leader these include interviews, round tables, events, marketing campaigns and content creation and teaching.

  • Peer Support via Events, Interviews and Communities of Practice

Many Community Leaders find it hard to find people like them.  We’ve been in this boat too.  That’s why you may find our suport grous, interviews and events interesting.

Thought Leadership

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