Community Wealth Building

Building community wealth requires that stakeholders have an actual stake.  Each week we have a webinar at 12pm (noon) Sydney Time that you can attend.  These webinars typically consist of presentations, interviews, panel discussions or round tables.  Topics include structures, sources of funding, funding mechanisms, community development and Superannuation.

If you wish to become one of our speakers, feel free to fill up our Speaker Invitation Form that you can find here.

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Watch the Community Wealth Building webinars:

Date Season 1 Speaker Video Podcast
5 May Ep 1 Andrew Ward with Tim Bray YouTube Via Anchor
12 May Ep 2 Andrew Ward with Rohan Clarke YouTube Via Anchor
19 May Ep 3 Andrew Ward with Emma Tomkinson YouTube Via Anchor
26 May Ep 4 Andrew Ward, Rohan Clarke, Gareth Priday and Meaghan Burkett YouTube Via Anchor
2 June Ep 5 Andrew Ward with Jonathan Prendergast YouTube Via Anchor
16 June Ep 6 Andrew Ward with Nick Rose (Part 1) YouTube Via Anchor
23 June Ep 7 Andrew Ward with Nick Rose (Part 2) YouTube Via Anchor
30 June Ep 8 Andrew Ward with Dr. Jose Ramos YouTube Via Anchor

Past Speakers

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