Consulting with Ethical Fields is about Co-creation. In Co-Creation, Ethical Fields brings to our clients experience they may lack, curiosity, connections, useful insights, actionable reports and frameworks (and we like to think a sense of humour).  Clients bring context – and context is vital – in creating ‘solutions’ that work.  Together, Ethical Fields and the clients we work with are co-creating the future.

Our retained services include:

  • Futures and Anticipatory Design
  • Secondment
  • Mentorship
  • Cohort management

Our per project services include:

  • Reports 
  • Enterprise Assessments
  • Economic Neighbourhood Assessments
  • Feasibility Studies
three factor framework


Ethical Fields can be flexible with fees depending on client, maturity, payment terms and ‘context’.

Our target average daily rate is $2000/consultant per day or $250/hour.

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