We love business as much as you do.  And we understand the challenges of business.  If you work with us you will draw on our experience across Co-operatives, Mutuals, CrowdFunding, Employee Ownership and Community Ownership.

Our core services include:

  • Pathways for Community, Employee or Customer Ownership

Stakeholders can get a “stake” through ownership, governance and practices in the business.  By giving stakeholders an actual stake you get many benefits including increased loyalty, decreased marketing costs, improved feedback loops and more.

  • Assistance with Funding / Fundraising

The ability to access funding is critical for new and growing businesses.  Ethical Fields can work with founders and funders to bridge the capital requirements of the enterprise without compromising the values of every stakeholder.

  • Facilitation and Engagement 

Stakeholders with an actual stake need to “buy in” to the enterprise and improve the underlying economic performance of the business through their active participation.  In many cases bring opportunities for this sort of collaboration requires strategy and facilitation.

  • “Exit to Community” (Business Succession)

There is a “silver tsunami” of retiring business owners that would love to see their businesses continue and aren’t interested in a trade-sale or suitable for an IPO.  In the hands of the stakeholders that support the business the enterprise can flourish bringing an exit to the retiring owners and investors and a meaningful and de-risked investment for stakeholders.

Case Studies In Exit To Community