Feats of Co-operation

Inspiring stories and education in the co-operative capacity of your community.  

Capture the “Feats of Co-operation” in your community.

Feats of co-operation is a series of interviews with interesting people.  They may be from organisations or businesses and represent these brands during the interview, but in the end co-operation is a uniquely human endeavour.  This is why we talk to humans. 

Each interview with prominent co-operators in the community is followed by a piece of course content after each interview that explores a topic on Community Wealth Building. 

Each ‘Story + Content’ is: a video interview and piece of training content that can be enjoyed on its own merit.  Each bringing a human dimension or lived experience to the content of Community Wealth Building.  However, the sequence of content (interview + course module) from beginning to end though tells a far more interesting and story story of connection and co-operation.  

The series of ‘Story + Content’ videos articulates the common challenges and strengths within the community.  The series as a whole tells the story of your community and how cultural and economic ties provide value and quality of life to all.

Distribution and Feedback

A key feature of the Feats of Co-operation product is that each community gets a digital “story board” and online course out to members of the community who might otherwise be not as engaged in the topics of Community Wealth Building.  

There is also a direct community engagement benefit that occurs when you’re distributing the individual stories within each sub-community and exposing that sub-community to the broader community of co-operators.

The videos can be hosted and produced so that at the end of watching one video a surveys gathers the viewers feedback before advancing to the course content or next video in the sequence.

This surveying process provides much needed data to anecdotal situations where the community has varying expectations.  In short, the feedback gathered on social media via the videos will help refine the strategies the community uses going forward.

How Does “Feats of Co-operation” work?

Step. 1

Identify existing co-operation in the community

Capture anywhere from 10 to 20 stories from the humans in your community.  Then, link the theme of that story to a learning element on Community Wealth Building.

Step 2.

Articulate community-wide challenges and strengths

Examine the common themes and unearth what remain common barriers to co-operation in your community.  Also, identify feats of co-operation that show your community strengths and future opportunities.

Step 3.

Use feedback from the community to refine priorities

Gather the feedback from viewers of these stories into actionable and prioritised economic strategies that harness the feats of cooperation in your community.

Pricing and Logistics

Feats of Co-operation pricing varies depending on the production being done via Zoom or in-person.  In-person production is more expensive as we sit the interviewer with the interviewee in a specific location with a sound, lighting and video personnel.  The benefit of in-person is that the video quality, audio quality and settings for interviews can be much more appealing.

Standard service with all the pricing levels includes:

  • Research and suggestions for identifying co-operators in your community
  • Organising logistics for interviews (via Zoom and / or in-person)
  • Production and Editing the stories
  • Curating and producing the Community Wealth Building content that matches to match each story
  • Building the videos technically into your social media strategy



  • 12 x Zoom based interviews
  • Post production logos of clients
  • Distribution-ready files suitable for use on social media 




All of Bronze +

  • 3 extra Zoom interviews (up to 15)
  • Custom media integration and post production setup with you
  • Training for social media managers gathering feedback from distributed content




Silver +

  • 2-days of camera, lighting and audio crew on site
  • Separate audio files for podcasts
  • Post campaign distribution support (10 hours)

Full Service

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