Government and Agencies

Governments (Federal, State and Local) and Agencies (i.e Tourism Boards, Economic Development Agencies etc) use Ethical Fields to help them with Community Wealth Building.

We help Governments and Agencies to grow Community Wealth Building via Regional Economic Development

Our services include:

  • Courses and Communities of Practice for government and agency staff 

We provide education and training for staff in local councils, local government and agencies that wish to implement, support or co-design Community Wealth Building within their community.

  • Economic Development Policy and Planning design

We help policy makers and planners understand how to bake in Community Wealth Building and exclude extractive practices that harm their communities self reliance and resilience.

  • Consultation Services

Ethical Fields provides a wide range of bespoke consulting services. 

  • Feats of Co-operation (uncovering community wealth building in your community)

There is already many people doing good work and working well together in most communities.  By hearing their stories you can uncover the common strengths and common barriers.  Additionally, the stories generated in this process become shareable examples and media for your future community engagement pieces.

Uncover the assets already in your community

Community Wealth Building Courses

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