Our Current Projects & Initiatives

Co-op Incubator

In collaboration with the cooperative sector, we’re creating an incubator for new cooperative businesses. Our work here will make it much easier to establish and invest in coops. We are working with BCCM and friends on this. See more detail here.

Data CoOp Council

Ethical Fields is leading the formation of a Data CoOp Council to champion producer ownership of data and ensuring that they benefit from its use along the value chain. See more about the initiative here.

Cooperative, vertically integrated mustard production

Creating a new supply chain at scale that serves the member mustard-growers. This work is partially supported by Farming Together.

Collaboratively Commercialising AgTech

Designing collaborative pathways for new #agtech through cooperatives, applied to a specific case of a weed management robot. Our partner is Queensland University of Technology.

Farming Together

Developing a collaborative agriculture business? Please get in touch. We are funded to work with exciting early stage collaborative businesses under the Farming Together Program.

Got a project idea?

If you have a project idea or initiative that you’d like to speak with Ethical Fields about, send us a note through our contact form here

Projects in Development

Coop Management Technology

Developing and supporting implementation of appropriate technology solutions for small holder coffee farmers to better meet their cooperative management requirements and improve economic outcomes.

Blockchain & Timber Legality

Exploring the use of blockchain to solve the challenge of proving legality of harvested timber for small holder foresters in South East Asia.

Farming Together

We have numerous projects in development through the Farming Together Program, including carbon coops in Northern Australia, and indigenous bush food cooperatives in Victoria.

Want to work on these projects with us?

If our current projects or those in our pipeline excite you, and you are interested in joining our consulting group, we’d love to hear from you. Fill in this form and we’ll be in touch within the week.