Data Coop Council

The Data CoOp Council

The Data CoOp Council is a group of Data Cooperatives and related stakeholders that has banded together to create the ‘centre of gravity’ for other Data Cooperatives to join.  

Together the members benefit from the work of the Data CoOp Council in the following ways.

  1. The Data CoOp Council provides leading insight on issues of technical, social, legal and cultural interoperability
  2. We produce white papers for the benefit of other stakeholders in the community
  3. Advocacy to and for the emerging Data CoOp sector with other stakeholders including consumers, government, research, and industry
  4. Public awareness of data and its usage in decision making both positive and negative

Why is the Data CoOp Council Necessary?

Data is the newest and most controversial resource for business. Data supports decision making and provides insights.

The problem is that most of the people generating the data are not the beneficiaries of the aggregation and analytics of the data. In some cases (particularly in agriculture) the producers of the data (farmers) can find the data they generated sold back to them or used against their best interests.

What is happening in agriculture has to a lesser and greater degree happened with personal internet data, health data and financial data.
Data CoOps provide the most practical way for data producers to own, share, control and benefit from their production of the data.

In the case of agriculture the establishment of Data CoOps can improve the quality of information available for decision making whilst reducing or even eliminating the risk that this data will be used against the farmer when it comes to financial services or marketing their produce.

What is the role of Ethical Fields?

Ethical Fields has provided the initial catalyst for the Data CoOp Council. We have invited those we know personally to form the initial membership base.

Who owns the Data CoOp Council?

The Data CoOp Council is still in such early days that it hasn’t formalised the structure so for the meantime it is being ‘hosted’ by Ethical Fields. Our intention in the near future is to make the CoOp Council a stand alone entity.

How can our Data CoOp get involved?

Existing data coops, coops in formation, or interested stakeholders are invited to join with us. Contact us and we can arrange for you to join the already enrolled members.