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Incubator.coop is a CoOp whose members help create new CoOps.

Most Members “sweat” in skills and effort in return for a slice of the CoOp business if it comes to fruition.

Others help with advice, education and funding.

We are what is called a multi-stakeholder Cooperative and our members surround projects that they support and give them the best chance of happening.

We help people bring to life CoOp ideas that include:

  • Community-owned Enterprises (These can be anything a local community wants from solar farms to schools, pubs to post offices)
  • Platform Cooperatives. These are a very exciting type of online-enabled community CoOp
  • Producer Cooperatives
  • Worker Cooperatives
  • Data Cooperatives
  • Investment Cooperatives
  • and more
Ethical Fields first had the idea and has since enrolled key figures in the CoOp and Startup community to bring it to life.

Partners at Ethical Fields have built the identity, business plan, financial model, operational scope and are essentially leading the project.