Unlocking the opportunity for every Australian farm to protect our ecosystems.

Why Protected Habitat Farmers Mutual?

A mutual is a way for farmers to aggregate market power in emerging environmental markets, which in turn can deliver better outcomes for farmers and reduce transaction costs. You have the opportunity to join a Mutual that will deliver:

  • Simpler access to environmental markets
  • Higher returns from your land stewardship
  • High profile environmental branding
  • Education and support for your stewardship practices
  • Control over your data

In contrast to the few brokers already in the market – who seek to maximise their profits – the Mutual seeks to maximise farmer returns.  Why? Because the farmers are the members – and the members are the owners.

Information Session Recording

This recording is just over 20 minutes long.  It is a session with slides that explain the Protected Habitat Farmers Mutual, followed by a few questions by Charlie Arnott.

Prior Collaboration Workshops

The Protected Habitat Farmers Mutual was an idea conceived by Ethical Fields in 2020 with the aim of enabling farmers to better access environmental markets. From August to October 2020, Ethical Fields delivered collaborative workshops to explore the Protected Habitat Farmer Mutual with the support of the Federal government funding under the Co-operative Farming program. Through this program, a group of farmers worked with conservation, finance and government organisations to explore and scope the shape of the farmer mutual.  Below are 6 of these workshop sessions covering the introduction, measurement, credibility and monetisation topics.

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