We don’t just think.  We do!

It’s very important to us that we build the things we think should be in the world.

When we see a gap or critical piece of infrastructure for a sector, movement or way of co-creating.  We create it.  That means we take it from ideation to operations.

What: Common Wealth

Description:  In conjunction with UTS Centre for Business and Social Innovation.  This business event included Co-operative and Mutual Enterprises, Equity Crowdfunding and Community Wealth Building.  The event ran over 2-days (27th and 28th of February 2020).

Day 1 included 16 TEDx style speakers.

Day 2 included 3 x 2-hour round tables.  Including an Equity Crowd Funding Round Table hosted in conjunction with the Crowd Funding industry of Australia.  A Co-operative Innovation Round Table hosted in conjunction with the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals.  A Community Wealth Building Round Table in conjunction with Sydney Commons Lab and the City of Sydney.

Goal: To become a regular event and possibly a “movement” around “stakeholders with an *actual* stake”.

What: Smart Citizenry

Description:  In response to the self-isolation and COVID-19 pandemic we created smartcitizenry.com

This site includes a very popular printable download that enables neighbours to support neighbours with in-home care.  Neighbours4Neighbours is a free support including deliveries, collections, shopping, pet walking and asking R U OK?

The site includes suggestions on talking with kids, the use case and trust issues of phone tracking, a “starter-pack” for a locals-only Co-operative i.e Smart Citizenry Co-operative. 

Goal: To become a useful resource for locals to start building a Commons and Co-operative ecosystem.

What: Incubator Co-operative

Description:  The worlds first Co-operative Incubator where incubation is crowd-sourced from Members of the Co-operative.  This idea was created at Ethical Fields and spun out as a separate entity in late 2017, after a crowdfunding campaign sourced 50+ initial members.

Incubator.coop has since gone on to support the creation of diverse Co-operatives including a Solar Harvest Renewable Energy Co-operative in the Barossa Valley (South Australia), Rock and Ranges Craft Brewery Co-operative in the Macedon Ranges (Victoria) and HenHouse.coop, a Platform Co-op aimed at addressing the gender investment gap.

Goal: Create a future that’s everyones business.

Who Are We?