You’ll probably describe yourself like…

Community Wealth Building

You are a group of stakeholders wanting to form a fund to assist your community in bringing their ideas to life.


You are a business owner wanting to co-create with your stakeholders and raise funds from within your stakeholder base.


You are a business owner / investor needing assistance in initiating and managing an “Exit To Community”


You are – or work in – Funds Management, Impact Investment, ESG or Philanthropy.  You want to invest or co-invest where stakeholders have a stake and the business case adds up.


Green Industrial Transition

You’re an Economic Development Officer, General Manager or Councillor at local council wanting to localise, transition and adjust your local economy in the face of a rapidly changing world.


An Industry Leader, Peak Body or Association that wants to formalise your support of communities and industries that are foreseeing, undergoing or post transition.


You work in Local Government, State Government or at a Federal Agency and you want to catalyse a community action and need supportive co-creation services


You are a change-maker in your own domain looking to work with the experts in stakeholder co-creation.


(non-exhaustive list)

  • AIMIA (Australian Interactive Media Industry Association)
  • Baptcare
  • Bendigo and Central Victoria Community Trust
  • Centre for Strategic and Policy Studies (Brunei)
  • Churches of Christ
  • City of Port Phillip
  • City of Maribyrnong
  • City of Hepburn
  • CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)
  • Desert Uplands Build-Up and Development Committee
  • Interaction Consortium
  • KPMG
  • National Library of Australia
  • National Science and Technology Centre / Science Works
  • New Economics Foundation
  • NORA (National Online Retailers Association)
  • NRMA (National Roads and Motorists’ Association)
  • Oases Graduate School
  • One Step At A Time Like This
  • Organization for Islamic Co-operation
  • P2P Foundation
  • True Local / Sensis
  • Smart Services CRC
  • State Government of Victoria – Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • Sydney Changemakers Festival
  • Victorian Eco Innovation Lab (University of Melbourne)
  • Victoria University
  • Woolworths

Client Organisations